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  1. First Air war eine kanadische Fluggesellschaft im Besitz der Inuit von Nunavik mit Sitz in Ottawa und Basen auf den Flughäfen Yellowknife und Iqaluit. Die 1946 als Bradley Air Services gegründete Gesellschaft wurde 2019 in Canadian North integriert
  2. First Air Flight 6560 was a domestic charter flight that crashed on landing at Resolute, Nunavut, Canada, on 20 August 2011. Of the 15 people on board, 12 were killed and the remaining three were severely injured. The Boeing 737-200 of First Air was operating a service from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, when it struck a hill in cloud near Resolute Bay Airport. The subsequent investigation found that a late initiation of the descent, the inadvertent partial disengagement of.
  3. First Air Ltd. operates mainly in northern Canada. It is owned by the Inuit people of Quebec through the Makivik Corporation
  4. First-Air-Flug 6560 - Wikipedia First-Air-Flug 6560 Der Flugunfall bei Resolute Bay war ein Flugunfall, bei dem am 20. August 2011 eine Boeing 737-200 der kanadischen First Air beim Landeanflug auf den Flughafen Resolute Bay in Kanada verunglückte
  5. The First Air Group was the collective name given to the attack wings who would jointly carry out heavier attacks in the event of war. It was active in various formations from 1939 to 1995. It was directly subordinate to the Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces and therefore nicknamed ÖB:s klubba (Supreme Commander's club )
  6. Air Jordan is an American brand of basketball shoes, athletic, casual, and style clothing produced by Nike. Founded in Chicago, Air Jordan was created for Hall of Fame basketball player and six-time NBA Finals MVP Michael Jordan during his time with the Chicago Bulls. Air Jordan The silhouette of Michael Jordan served as inspiration to create the Jumpman logo. Product typeFootwear, clothing OwnerNike, Inc. CountryUnited States IntroducedNovember 17, 1984; 36 years ago MarketsWorldwide Website
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The airline was founded by J. R. D. Tata as Tata Airlines in 1932; Tata himself flew its first single-engine de Havilland Puss Moth, carrying air mail from Karachi's Drigh Road Aerodrome to Bombay's Juhu aerodrome and later continuing to Madras. After World War II, it became a public limited company and was renamed as Air India. On 21 February 1960, it took delivery of its first Boeing 707 named Gauri Shankar and became the first Asian airline to induct a jet aircraft in its fleet. In 2000. The First Air Fleet (Dai-ichi Kōkū Kantai) was a major component of the Combined Fleet (Rengō Kantai). When created on 10 April 1941, it had three kōkū sentai (air flotillas; in the case of aircraft carriers, carrier divisions): On that date, First Kōkū Sentai consisted of Akagi and Kaga and their aircraft units Pages in category First Air This category contains only the following page. F. First Air; Media in category First Air The following 3 files are in this category, out of 3 total. First Air ATR-42 cabin (Quintin Soloviev).jpg 5,136 × 3,424; 1.88 MB. First Air headquarters.jpg 1,280 × 960; 231 KB. Inukshuk at Macdonald-Cartier International Airport.jpg 1,920 × 2,560; 1.17 MB. Retrieved.

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On-Air! Wiki | Fandom. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. On Air! wiki. 633 Pages. Add new page. Hoseki Gaoka. Prid's (Diamond) Hot-Blood (Ruby) Re:Fly (Sapphire) Eme☆Kare (Emerald) MAISY (Opal) drop (Pearl) Teachers Game. Getting Started Gameplay. Lessons. Kontakt. firstAir ist eine Marke der ALMiG Kompressoren GmbH Adolf-Ehmann-Straße 2, 73257 Köngen, Germany; Jetzt anrufen: +49 (0)7024 - 9614 - 333 E-Mail info@firstaircompressors.co

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  1. Sub menu First Air. Fleet First Air Full fleet in PDF format Photos First Air Fleet age of First Air Flightlog First Air (72 flights) Accident reports (2 report) To see details about aircraft, click on to the number in the appropriate column in the table below. Scroll tab to view all data. Aircraft: Current fleet: Stored / Scrapped: History: On order : Total: Age: Active: Parked: ATR 42/72 ATR.
  2. First Aviation Services Inc. (First Aviation) was established in June 1995 by First Equity Group to acquire National Airmotive Corporation (NAC) from Triton Group Ltd. In March 1997, First Aviation acquired the assets of Aerospace Products International, Inc. (API - formerly Aircraft Parts International Combs, Inc.) from AMR Combs, Inc., a subsidiary of AMR. API [
  3. firstAir ist eine Marke der ALMiG Kompressoren GmbH und bietet eine neue Produktreihe von Schraubenkompressoren an. Die Kompressoren liegen im Leistungsbereich von 3 bis 90 kW und sind mit einem Betriebsdruck von 8 und 10 bar erhältlich.. Des Weiteren wurde eine neue Reihe von Verdichterstufen mit überdurchschnittlich guter Leistung entwickelt, konstruiert und produziert, die in Verbindung.
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September 3-4, 1977 Eichenring Speedway Stadion, Scheeßel, GER The First Rider Open Air Festival a weekend open-air festival in Scheeßel was planned. 23 bands were scheduled, including: The Byrds Iron Butterfly Quicksilver Messenger Service nectar Nite City Franz K Steppenwolf Klaus Schulze.. First contact with the Ferengi took place in multiple phases. The very first contact between Humans and Ferengi actually occurred in 1947 in the Roswell Incident. Although the aliens were identified as Ferengi and their physiology was examined, knowledge of the incident was suppressed and never became public knowledge

The First 9 were the first nine members of the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Formed in Northern California before settling in Charming, California, the First 9 opened up their charter club, SAMCRO, in 1967 first lieutenant (plural first lieutenants) The second lowest rank of a commissioned officer in the United States Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps, ranking above a second lieutenant and below a captain. The rank of first lieutenant is equivalent to the naval rank of lieutenant junior grade. An equivalent rank in other military forces Air Blade: Ranged: 70 100% 40 Slash your opponent with a rapid air current. Lands critical hits more often. Air Whip: Ranged: 60 100% 35 Whiplash your foes as you fly past them at high speed. Lands critical hits more often. Cyclone Slam: Melee: 60 Sure Hit 26 Ride a storm and crash into the opponent. Almost never misses. Gust: Ranged: 40 100% 2

The Air Patroller is a small aircraft used by the PAW Patrol to travel long distances in short periods of time. It holds all of the pups' air rescue packs and features a conveyor strip that help the pups put it on as they deploy out the exit located at the rear of the plane. The Air Patroller also has a hatch for a crane arm, which is capable of picking up and transporting one of the pups' vehicles. The plane is piloted b First Blood is the 1982 action film that introduced the character of John Rambo to the silver screen. Based on the David Morrell novel of the same name and directed by Ted Kotcheff, the film stars Sylvester Stallone as Rambo, a former Green Beret and highly decorated Vietnam veteran who takes on a small town and its police force when the sheriff ( Brian Dennehy ) pushes him over the edge The first Dementor Harry encountered in the third film was able to open the Hogwarts Express without touching it, causing it to slide open with a wave of its hand, with some wizards and witches in the films also being able to perform similar feats. Also, the first Dementor seen in the fifth film was able to effortlessly lift Harry off the ground by the neck and pin him to a wall, showing great. The first two films in the franchise were released in theaters, while later entries were direct-to-DVD releases. Air Bud ( 1997) - Josh meets a golden retriever and finds out that he can play basketball. Air Bud: Golden Receiver ( 1998) - Josh's golden retriever learns to play football

Its appearance changes every 50 hits it takes. Its first health stage lasts until it takes 50 hits of damage. After 50 lives are taken from the M.O.A.B layer, it has a little damage. After you damage it by 50 more hits, it has serious damage. After even more damage, the M.O.A.B has critical damage on its M.O.A.B layer. After the last 50 hits, the M.O.A.B layer is blown away and the M.O.A.B releases 4 Ceramic Bloons TheEstovakian Air Force (EAF),2 also referred to as the Estovakia Air Force,3 is the aerial service branch of Estovakian Forces. The Estovakian Air Force is a well-equipped force, utilizing many advanced and highly-capable aircraft such as the F-22A Raptor, Su-47 Berkut, and CFA-44 Nosferatu. 1 History 2 Organization 2.1 Central Forces Precinct 2.2 Southern Forces Precinct 2.3 Other Squadrons. The '55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser casting takes you back to the old school style of Gasser Drag Race cars. With an exposed big block engine, fender well headers, ladder bars, aluminum fuel tank, this 2 lane blacktop brawler can take them all on. Versions. The '55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions Air Elemental Imaginator Powers The first two of these powers are unlocked at the start of the game, the other two are unlocked by leveling up your Imaginator. Storm Cloud. Mastered Storm Cloud. Twisting Tornadoes. Mastered Twisting Tornadoes. Shockingly Swift Step. Mastered Shockingly Swift Step. Toucan Zap You . Mastered Toucan Zap You. Original Power Press Attack 2 to summon a storm cloud.

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The first free ascent of a hot-air balloon with human passengers, on Nov. 21, 1783. — Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier and the Marquis d´Arlandes (Image credit: 2001 National Air and Space. The air talisman is an item that allows players to enter the Air altar. At the altar, the player can use the Runecrafting skill to turn rune essence or pure essence into air runes. Also at the air altar, an air talisman can be combined with a silver tiara to make an air tiara for 25 Runecrafting experience, by using the tiara on the altar while having an air talisman in inventory. This. For the team that was the Old Sleeping Forest, please see Inorganic Net. The team currently known as Sleeping Forest is the hidden ruler of the A-T world. Its leader is Ringo Noyamano; however, Kilik is the actual commander of the team. They are in a mutual alliance with Team Kogarasumaru. 1 Synopsis 2 History 3 Members 4 Original Members The purpose of Sleeping Forest is captured by this poem. First Day of School is the first episode from the fourth season of Barney & Friends. 1 Plot 2 Songs 3 Trivia 4 International Edits Tomorrow is the first day of school for Stephen! Eager to get a look at what he can expect, Mr. Boyd lets Stephen visit the school classroom a day early in the company of Barney and his friends. In the school classroom, Barney shows Stephen and the others about.

Any djinn can drop the orbs required to start this quest; as a result, there is no true starting zone. Any zone with djinns may be the starting zone. The fastest repop for djinn to complete this quest quickly is The Shimmering Citadel. Easily soloable djinns may be found on the Djinn Pillar in Pillars of Flame ( 1576, -126, -74 ) Copy Canada is a country in North America. It is north of the United States. Its land reaches from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west and the Arctic Ocean to the north. Canada's area is 9.98 million square kilometres, so it is the world's second largest country by total area but only the fourth largest country by land area. It has the world's longest coastline which touches three oceans. Canada has ten provinces and three territories. Most parts of the. Delaware Smash: Air Force (デラウェアスマッシュエアフォース, Derawea Sumasshu Eafōsu?) is a Super Move used by Izuku Midoriya. 1 Description 1.1 Gallery 2 References 3 Site Navigation After training with All Might, Izuku learns to concentrate and draw out 20 percent of his power for a short time. Using support gloves made by Mei Hatsume, Izuku can direct a blast of compressed. Air admittance valve - Designing Buildings Wiki - Share your construction industry knowledge. Drainage systems in buildings must be vented to allow the escape of gases and odours, to allow the release of pressure in front of flowing waste and to allow air to re-enter the system following the passage of waste

Early life & Air Force career. Not much is known about Redfield's early life, though he and Claire had lost their parents at some point before 1998, having only each other as family. As an adult, Redfield joined the United States Air Force, where he received training in both planes and helicopters. During this career he served in a unit alongside Barry Burton, who he became good friends with. The following episodes of Sofia the First are listed in the order of their original airing. The series premiered on January 11, 2013 on Disney Channel and Disney Junior while the series pilot movie Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess premiered on November 18, 2012. The show ran for four seasons with a hundred and seven episodes, including four television specials (not counting the pilot. Game of Thrones Wiki ist eine Datenbank, die von jedem bearbeitet werden kann. Sie behandelt die auf den Büchern von George R. R. Martin basierende Fernsehserie Game of Thrones von HBO, in Deutschland ausgestrahlt von TNT Serie. Hier findest du alle Infos rund um den Kontinent Westeros, die Häuser und Charaktere wie Eddard Stark, Tyrion Lannister oder Jon Schnee Star Trek bezeichnet sowohl die verschiedenen Serien, als auch das gesamte damit verbundene Merchandising-Universum, welches derzeit ViacomCBS und somit Paramount Pictures (Filme) und den CBS Television Studios (Serien) gehört. Die erste Produktionsfirma war Desilu, welche die von Gene Roddenberry erschaffene Serie produzierte. Die Originalserie wurde nicht von Anfang an vom Sender NBC. Die eBay-Website ist in fünf Bereiche unterteilt: Kaufen, Verkaufen, Mein eBay, Community und Hilfe. Nachfolgend können Sie sich eine Übersicht über jeden der Bereiche verschaffen

Dangerous First-Class Monsters (Japanese 第一級の危険モンスター) are said to be monsters with an unnatural presence about them. They are known to share the title of Black Dragon (Japanese 黒龍) or have some relation to a Black Dragon. 1 What Is Known About Them? 2 Secret Assignments 3 Known Dangerous First-Class Monsters 3.1 1st Generation 3.2 2nd Generation 3.3 3rd Generation 3.4. Air Defenses are there for when Archer Towers and Wizard Towers just won't cut it or are distracted by ground units such as Giants and Heroes. If possible, keep your Air Defenses behind your first lines of defense (e.g. Cannons and Archer Towers), preferably with a Wall in between The iPhone Wiki is an unofficial wiki dedicated to collecting, storing and providing information on the internals of Apple's amazing iDevices. We hope to pass this information on to the next generation of hackers so that they can go forth into their forebears' footsteps and break the ridiculous bonds Apple has put on their amazing mobile devices Flugtickets kaufen, günstige Angebote, Last-Minute-Deals und Sitzplatzverkäufe finden - mit Air Canada. Hotels, Mietwagen und Urlaub buchen - mit Air Canada Vacations

Love at First Sight is the 21st episode of Season 1 of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. 1 Summary 2 Starring 3 Quotes 4 Trivia One of Vivian's students, Kayla Samuels (Jasmine Guy) comes over for dinner and Will tries to impress her, but fails. Eventually, Will wins her over and inadvertently starts taking time away from her studies, so Aunt Viv tells him to cut back on their relationship so Kayla. The 2010 Garage series issued this car as just '57 Chevy The '57 Chevy Bel Air has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions: Add a photo to this gallery Games Movies TV Video Wikis

Open Air Interface Tutorials (START HERE FOR FIRST TIME USER!! works best with tag 0.5.0 of openair-cn, and master branch of openairinterface5g) How to connect OAI eNB (USRP B210) with COTS UE (only valid for older version of openair-cn (tag v0.3.2)) How to connect OAISIM with OAI EPC (on different machines) (Valid for version of openair-cn(tag >= v0.4.0, openairinterface5g (tag v0.1)) How. Online-Buchung für Ihr Flugticket. Wählen Sie Ihren Flug mit Air France aus über 500 Reisezielen weltweit auf der Webseite von Air France Deutschland The America First Party is an Authoritarian Democratic political party in the United States that combines traditional populism with neo-capitalist modes of organization. The America First Party was founded in 1934 by Senator Huey Long of Louisiana. Following the failure of Huey long to secure the Democratic presidential nomination in 1932, Long decided to turn his national political campaign. Air Crash (ぶっとび サーフィン lit.Surprising Surfing in Japanese) is the seventh level in the game and the second level of the second warp room in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy remake of the second game. Like Hang Eight in the previous warp room, it is a stream based level in which Crash gets to ride his jet board The TIE/sk x1 experimental air superiority fighter, also known as the TIE/sk atmospheric fighter or simply the TIE striker, was a streamlined variant of the TIE line starfighters used by the Galactic Empire, most notably during the Battle of Scarif.Specialized for in-atmosphere missions, the atmospheric fighter was identifiable by its horizontal high-speed wings and large central pod

The Air Is on Fire: CD: 8: FR 2007-03-15; Strange World Music: SWM 001: CritiqueBrainz Reviews No one has reviewed this release group yet. Be the first to write a review. Release group information Artist: David Lynch Type: Album Rating. Genres. ambient, electronic, experimental. Other tags. abstract. See all tags. Editing. Log in to edit; Open edits ; Editing history; Last updated on 2009-05. Air Cannon (空 (くう) 気 (き) を押 (お) し出 (だ) す, Kūki o Oshidasu?) is a Quirk possessed by All For One, who stole it from an unknown person, and is later used by Tomura Shigaraki. 1 Description 2 Usage 3 References 4 Site Navigation Air Cannon allows All For One to release an air shockwave from his arms.1 The shockwave can manifest in different forms, depending on the motion.

Delta Air Lines ist führend bei Inlands- und internationalen Reisen und bietet Flugtickets und Flüge zu über 300 Zielen in 60 Ländern. Buchen Sie direkt auf Delta.com Sorge für mehr Komfort & Style in deinem Alltag - mit dem Air Max 1, dem Klassiker unter den Air Max Modellen von Nike. Kostenlose Lieferung & Rücksendung Wir erklären, was die Luftwaffe unternimmt, um den deutschen Luftraum zu sichern. Weiterlesen. Vom Shelter zur Mission: Die Luftwaffe in Jordanien. Deutsche Aufklärungstornados und die Tankerversion des A400M unterstützen die Anti-IS-Koalition verlässlich mit wichtigen Fähigkeiten. Weiterlesen DWXT (96.1 One FM) City of license: Lakanbalen ning Tarlac: Broadcast area: Tarlac: Branding: 96.1 One FM: Frequency: 96.1 MHz: First air date: Eneru 1, 1981: Forma

Team Fortress Wiki Statistics: 65,318 articles - 117,537 uploaded images & media - 130,211 registered users - 18,238,062 edits since June 8, 2010 Valve Wiki Network Half-Life / Porta Wiki Home → Collaboration Gateway → United States → Alabama → statewide/all Counties → Alabama Interoperable Radio System (AIRS) TRS Welcome to the Alabama Interoperable Radio System (AIRS) collaboration article, a Statewide Public Trunked Radio System located in all Counties, Alabama, United States. This is where you, the user, may index any articles you develop for scanning related.

This wiki is intended for your perusal to catch up, read, make new or more complete connections on the various subject matter, or perhaps relive the funny if outrageous times given to us by actor Hugh Laurie and company. Enjoy! Current Featured Article. Perils of Paranoia. Perils of Paranoia is an Season 8 episode of House which first aired on November 28, 2011. A district attorney appears to. A sorcery that uses magical energy to materialize a mirror image of an object. As Rin mentioned in the story, it's not very efficient. That's because, if you're making a replica of something, rather than using projection it's easier and more practical just to gather the materials and build it yourself

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User blog:Honeybuun1018/Will the crossover air first or will the new episodes air first? | Ben 10 Wiki | Fando Air Transat Airbus A310-300. Buffalo Airways Canadair CL-215. Canada 3000 Airlines Airbus A330-200. Canadian Airlines International McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30. Canadian Airlines International McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30. First Air Boeing 767. Royal Canadian Air Force AgustaWestland CH-149 Cormorant. WestJet Boeing 737-800. WestJet Boeing 737-800. Zoom Airlines Boeing 757-200. Categoria:Incidenti e disastri aerei di First Air - Altre lingue. Categoria:Incidenti e disastri aerei di First Air è disponibile in un'altra lingua. Torna a Categoria:Incidenti e disastri aerei di First Air. Lingue. français; Il contenuto è disponibile in base alla licenza CC BY-SA 3.0, se non diversamente specificato. Informativa sulla privacy. Moved Permanently. The document has moved here

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Both Air Manager and the Saitek hardware are receiving from and sending their data to the sim, there is no direct link between Air Manager and the Saitek hardware. E.g. changing a frequency in Air Manager will show on the Saitek hardware, and visa versa. I'm using Microsoft Windows 7 and my Knobster is not recognized . Older versions of Windows 7 are missing necessary USB drivers. You can. Episode 1839. Sesame Street. The adults explain Mr. Hooper's death to Big Bird, who doesn't understand why his friend isn't around anymore. Air date. November 24, 1983 (Thanksgiving) Season. Season 15 (1983-1984) Written by. Norman Stiles This logo was used, in variations, until 1962. The wing on the left is left over from their first logo, and represents the Roman of travel and commerce, Mercury. In 1953, Delta merged with Chicago & Southern Air Lines which changed Delta's name to Delta C&S. Delta would keep that name for the..

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Book your flights more flexibly and take off without any worries. From check-in to disembarking - we place the highest value on hygiene and your health The Air Bladder is a tool crafted with the Fabricator. It is a flotation device that allows the Player to reach the surface of the water faster than simply swimming to the surface. 1 Uses 1.1 Controls 2 Speed 3 Recipe 4 Gallery 5 Trivia The player cannot swim down into the ocean with the Air.. Aired March 31, 2004-September 15, 2006. Springer on the Radio with Jerry Springer (three hours: 9-12P ET), first aired April 1, 2005. Moved from regular schedule on September 18, 2006 to Air America Syndicaton. The last live broadcast of the show was on December 5, 2006 with reruns airing until December 8

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December 22, 1998. Written by. P. Kevin Strader. Director. Dean Gordon. Theme. Change. Bear has been planning on a visit from Doc Hogg, but finds his plans disrupted when a spate of colds at the swamp forces Doc Hogg to change his plans This mission is just like the previous one except Trevor needs to only eliminate TWO targets. The first target is a moving train, so fly in close and drop the bomb above it Preis: Niedrig-Hoch. Schuhe. Sport-BHs. Tops & T-Shirts Hoodies & Sweatshirts Jacken & Westen Hosen & Tights Shorts. Kompression und Baselayer. Trainingsanzüge Jumpsuits Und Romper Surf- & Bademode. Socken & Unterwäsche. Accessoires & Ausrüstung. Geschlecht

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1937-1945. An SVG version of this logo is recommended but not required. You can help Logopedia by uploading it here. Trans-Canada Air Lines was the English-language name used for the airline prior to 1965. In French, Air Canada has always been the airline's name, which was extended to become the overall name for the carrier in 1965 April saw Airbus and Qantas discuss Cargo Class, Hi-Fly announce an order for the Airbus A380, ANA unveiled the final special liveries on their A380 and so much more! Tune in to find out what.

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Air Freight Cargo, also known simply as Cargo are a series of Smuggler's Run missions featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Smuggler's Run update. 1 Overview 2 Steal Cargo 2.1 Steal Supplies Mission Types 2.1.1 Cargo Planes 2.1.2 Cargobob Infiltration 2.1.3 Merryweather Jets 2.1.4.. Fanpop quiz: When did ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks first air in France? - See if you can answer this ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks trivia question President of the United States of America Donald J. Trump Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis Secretary of the Air Force Heather A. Wilson Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph F. Dunford Jr., USMC Air Force Chief of Staff General David L. Goldfein Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force CMSAF Kaleth O. Wright Commander, Air Education and Training Command Lieutenant General. Total X-Stream Air is a brand of Lanard dart blasters that began in 2003. One series exists under the brand: Clear-X. 1 Details 1.1 History 2 Total X-Stream Air products 2.1 Blasters 2.2 Accessories 2.3 Blaster sets The Total X-Stream Air brand was launched alongside a brand of water blasters with a similar name - Total X-Stream. The brand was seemingly discontinued in 2020, in favor of the. The 'Lucky' First Five Taxis, not lucky for us. Edward Yau Tang-wah, Secretary for the Environment, told the Legislative Council's environmental affairs panel that the legislative proposal to ban idling engines would be revised for taxis

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Air is part of the Air group in Doodle God, part of the Elements group in Doodle Devil (PC) and the quest Greatest Inventions, part of the Abstract group in Doodle Devil (App) and part of the New Elements group in Doodle Mafia. 1 Doodle God (PC) 1.1 Creation 1.2 Used to create 2 Doodle Devil (PC) 2.1 Creation 2.2 Used to create 3 Doodle God (App) and Doodle God (Facebook) 4 Doodle Devil (App. Before Locke's first party as Master of Revels in the book Cardan tries to get Jude to go home, but she ignores him. Later she finds out why Cardan wanted her to leave. He wanted to spare her from humiliation, as she is crowned Queen of Mirth, and is forced to wear rags and dance. Cardan says in front of the revel how Jude's face often plagues his dreams and how she often features in his. In the Air Tonight is one of 11 songs that were reused in more than one episode of Miami Vice. The song was included on the soundtrack album Miami Vice . Despite being just one of over 300 songs used on the show, In the Air Tonight is often considered one of the defining pieces of music from the Miami Vice series and the two are closely related to this day

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